Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Boxing Update...

Things are moving slowly here and not much has changed over the past couple weeks. We've been holding off on ordering the Mustang II cross-member as well as the boxing plates. A family friend that works as a fabricator has offered to make the cross-member and boxing plates. So, this Wednesday, we'll be taking the frame over to his place for an extended stay.

We've tracked down a Ford 9" Rear End for the project. It also looks like we might have a transmission lined up. More to come soon...

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Mustang II Cross Member

So after some discussion with a couple members over at hotrodders.com, we've decided to go with the Welder Series Mustang II Cross Member you see below. We'll be ordering this from horton.on.ca along with some boxing plates for our frame. Yes, we could make the plates ourselves, but this will save us quite a bit of time and effort. The cross member is currently listed at $204 CDN and the boxing plates are $156 CDN

Monday, May 7, 2007

The Work Has Begun!

So after 30+ years of waiting, dreaming and wishing, Project 37 Ford has finally started! My father and I spent part of the weekend starting to prep the frame for jigging and restoration. As you can see in the pic's below. The frame needs quite a bit of work. There is some severe pitting on both rails as well as one section that is completely rusted out. We just don't have the budget to purchase one of those fancy TCI frames (very nice, but very expensive). So we'll work with what we have. Our plan is to jig the frame and then remove the x-member and cross members for boxing and cleaning. At this point we will also replace any rusted/pitted metal.

We're still looking for a Mustang II cross member (new or used). So if any of you guys out there know of a good source, please let us know. Like most of you, we're working on a small budget. So cheaper pricing is a must.

Does anyone know which donor Fords have a Mustang II front ends?

Friday, May 4, 2007

Old 1937 Ford Pictures

Hello Everyone,

For our first post I thought I would throw up some pictures of our car when my father purchased it. He has been hanging on to this car for well over 30 years (WAY before I was even a glint in his eye). The car is in rough shape, but we hope there is still something to work with. Imagine 30 more years of rust added to these pictures. I'll post some updated pictures as soon as I take them.